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Perspective – Rise Up for Yourself 

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We have all been there. You know the relationship, the job, the lifestyle choice, the living situation that you can’t find the courage to change even though it no longer makes your heart sing. Too scared to face the truth, we convince ourselves, “it’s not that bad”, “it could be worse” or “it will get better” and we stay, because it seems safer, choosing the known versus the unknown. These are the stories we tell ourselves until one day, something shifts, and gives us the strength to make the change, the courage to listen to our truth and BOOM, we break free and inevitably we rise….. 

That is not to say there are no ups and downs or that things are immediately positive. But, I call on you to remember the feeling, the moment you gave yourself enough space, time & breathing room to come back to your own energy & your own heart. When you came back into balance and started to see things from a fresh perspective. Eventually, as you come back to you, you wonder, how did I ever convince myself that that was okay? How did I let myself get so lost, so caught up in my own little bubble that I lost perspective, lost sight of the bigger picture? Lost myself? It can be scary to look within to see what personal fears held you back, but it is worth it.

And, this is what I invite you to reflect upon as we finally make our way to finish line of 2020.  Can you make a commitment to take just a little time to step out of your bubble? Can you honor yourself by taking the time to take a step back and reflect on what’s good in your life & what’s not? Who and what empowers you and what doesn’t? You deserve to be living your best life, you deserve respect & love and happiness. Take some time to rise above & review because I guarantee you the known will not keep you safe or happy or secure for long, if it’s not what’s right for you. Dig deep soul family, because only you know the truth of your heart and only you determine your intrinsic worth. Empower yourself with time for reflection and self-care and find the strength within to live your best life. Don’t waste a moment of this precious opportunity to LIVE YOUR TRUTH.

We are all just walking each other home -Ram Das. 

Love, Light, & Cacao,

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