Life is about experiences and together, we can create bespoke events that are tailor-made just for you, your friends or your business. The options are truly endless!

Life is about experiences and together, we can create bespoke events that are tailor-made just for you, your friends or your business. The options are truly endless!


(Fresh Experiences Coming Soon!)


Whether you are looking to host a private event, a studio class or workshop or a corporate outing, we can help you design the perfect retreat – with intention. 

Imagine hosting a Kundalini “Rebirthing” Workshop or Sound Healing Journey at your studio, organizing a weekly meditation circle in your neighborhood, sharing a heart opening cacao ceremony with your partner or offering a unique gift to the “bride to be”. You can throw a full moon dance party fueled with positive intention, good vibes and “chocolate cocktails!”, a great non-alcoholic party option! 

Looking to for something inspirational at your next corporate offsite? Allow me the opportunity to teach your team breathing techniques to reduce stress & focus the mind or share a relaxing gong mediation when you complete your next project. 

Looking for an opportunity to travel with intention? Interested in hosting a corporate retreat that incorporates health & wellness. We are available globally for events and retreats, so all you have to do is ask. 

Be sure to keep an eye on all of my events by following along on Instagram and my events page by clicking below:

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Available for 1-1s, Group Sessions, Workshops and Retreats.

Raise the Vibe With Your Tribe!

Soul Fire Social is a platform for all of my passions: Kundalini Yoga, Gong Therapy and Sound Meditation, Cacao Ceremonies, Community Service, Bespoke Events and Retreat Experiences, Music, Art & Travel. I invite you to enjoy me on my journey. Together we can raise the vibe of our collective tribe.
My Tribe is ever growing thanks to some terrific partners and friends! Here are just a few of my partners and business associates who have helped me along the way in planning and marketing my experiences. From photography to web development, event planning to offering retreats – it is great to have a network of friends to help define our collective experiences

Jes Golden, Sovereign Essence
Ian Santiagio – IVS Photography
Rich Collins – Thirst Productions

Ross Lysinger from

And many more!
Instagram post 2340406596452300578_5443511929 On the road again, Sedona to Telluride. That magical vortex spit me up and out with a big fat grin on my face!!! 😂😂😂
#soulseeker #soulseeker2020 #soulfiresoulseekersummertour2020 #elevateyourself #telluride #fromsedona #roadtrip #ontheroadagain #turnthepage #theadventurecontinues
Instagram post 2338945588592594784_5443511929 Join us for a Sacred Sound Healing LIVE from Sedona tomorrow, 5:30-6:15pm PST, 8:30-9:15pm EST.  Lie back, relax and raise your vibration as Laura @lauragallerstein at @sedonasacredsounds takes you on a guided journey with her magical alchemy bowls tapping into ancient whale wisdom. Then, we will make a shift to the deep healing powers of the Pluto gong, and a variety of beautiful koshi bells. Get your headphones ready and prep your sacred space, we can’t wait to light up the night with our collaborative energies! 🙏💚🌵🌎🦅🙏💚🌵🌎🦅🙏💚🌵🌎🦅
Tune in LIVE on my soulfiresocial Instagram or on Laura’s Facebook page! Wahe guru!!! #soundhealingsedona #sedonasounds #sedonasacredsounds #soundbathsedona #gongbath #elevateyourself #raiseyourvibration #vibrationalhealing #shiftyourfrequency #positiveenergy #whalewisdom #plutogong #paistegongs #collaborate #elevate #joinforces #powerfulwomen #raisingthevibe #soulseeker2020 #soulfiresocial
Instagram post 2336503044415842615_5443511929 “I must be a mermaid. I have no fear of depth and a great fear of shallow living” - Anais Nin 🧜‍♀️💙🌟🧜‍♀️💙🌟🧜‍♀️💙🌟
Yesterday, two well known Sedona sound healers invited me to play with them for  summer solstice. This collaborative spirit, openness, willingness to share space & their audience, is what this new paradigm is all about.  People realizing we are even better when we join forces, when we elevate one another, when we drop the ego and throw competition out the window, we rise! Join forces, ignite your super powers and raise the vibration for all. Thank you @lauragallerstein at Sedona Sacred Sounds and Debra Fleeger for the amazing day and the inspired quote @sacredsoundsforthesoul ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜❤️🧡💛💚💙
We will be back Thursday at 5:30pm PST / 8:30pm EST for more sacred sound healing from Sedona. Details to follow...
Instagram post 2335079987079835461_5443511929 Surf my waves as a sea of source energy” — my morning journal, Candace ✌️💚🌟
This is what came to me as I was journaling after Day 2 of our meditation series for Inner Peace. Great advice how to ride the waves of this powerful Summer Solstice,  New Moon,  Eclipse and erratic collective energy around our current social & political environment.  Utilize our daily meditation, to get back into flow with your own energy and the planets, so you can tap into your own Inner Peace. Join me live on @soulfiresocial 
#kundaliniyoga #kundaliniawakening #solsticemeditation #summersolstice2020 #soulfiresocial #soulseeker #soulfiresoulseekersummertour2020 #meditateforpeace #innerpeace #innerpeace #ridethewaves #sourceenergy #lightworkers #elevateyourself #tapintothesource #tapintosource #vortexenergy #sedonavortex #sedonayoga #energyflow #ridethewave #seaofsourceenergy
Instagram post 2334269926921219325_5443511929 Today, I kick off a meditation series called “7 Days in Sedona” inviting you to meditate with me for Inner Peace, as we tap into the powerful energies of Solstice, the new moon and the eclipse. I have listed an instruction video on my Facebook page @soulfiresocial and will be live streaming/downloading video for you the next 7 days from the magical vortices around Sedona the next 7 days! 
Please message me directly if you have any questions!
Instagram post 2332477338150076373_5443511929 From my heart to yours ♥️♥️♥️
#alive #beatingheart #blessed #aware #honoured #humbled #free #knowingyourworth
Instagram post 2332474001873719138_5443511929 Don’t forget I am hosting a 40 minute “Kundalini Flow & Chant” tomorrow at 9:30am EST and a 90 minute traditional class on Wednesday 9:30-11am! I will be teaching you a most magical Sat Narayan meditation for Inner Peace, perfect for Summer Solstice! 
Zoom details on my Facebook page @soulfiresocial 🌵🏔🙏🌵🏔🙏🌵🏔🙏🌵
I will also be posting mediations from my travels. Keep an eye out and Sat nam! 
#kundaliniyoga #kundalinirising #kundalinisantafe #elevateyourself #raisingthevibe #morningmattime #santafegardens #santafeyoga #soulfiresummertour2020 #soulfiresocial #soulfiresocial2020
Instagram post 2331559652493758386_5443511929 Sat nam from Santa Fe! Just a heads up that I will be heading to Sedona on Thursday, kicking off a series called “7 Days in Sedona” built around Saturday’s summer solstice! Expect daily meditations, live streams, intention setting with @keithscacao, beautiful photo ops and lots of love!!! 💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚
This will all he shared on my Soul Fire Social Instagram and @soulfiresocial FB page! 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏Want to dig even deeper? Join my Soul Fire’s “Soul Seeker” FB group for daily updates and inspiration all summer long!!
#kundaliniyoga #kundaliniawakening #meditation #kundalinisummertour #soulfiresummertour2020 
#soulfiresocial2020 #soulfiresocial #soulseeker #soulseeker2020 #elevateyourself #raisethevibration #cometogether #lettheirbepeace #beapartifthesolution #standup #togetherwerise #togetherweriseyogis
Instagram post 2329964559739550516_5443511929 Going LIVE via Zoom from the garden in Santa Fe, tomorrow at 7:30am MST/ 9:30am EST / 2:30pm UK / 3:30pm CET

Join me for Kundalini Yoga and meditation. Find zoom link details on FB @soulfiresocial events or join group Soul Fire “Soul Seekers” or message me directly. 
#gardenkundalini #soulseeker #kundaliniyoga #kundalini #kundalinisantafe #santafeyoga  #soulfiresoulseekersummertour2020 #summeryogatour #kundaliniontheroad #elevateyourself #thiskundalinilife #inspire #inspired #yogainnature
Instagram post 2329472386677877404_5443511929 Welcome to Santa Fe! The first stop on my Soul Fire “Soul Seeker” Summer Tour 2020. Check here for updates & highlights or get your hands dirty & your hearts ♥️ open on my new FB group! @soulfiresocial 
#santafenewmexico #mycasita #kundalinisantafe #soulseekersummertour #soulfiresocial #soulfiresoulseekersummertour2020 #satnam #kundaliniyoga #soulfiresummertour2020
Instagram post 2327141585940385492_5443511929 A little teaser from the road! I’ll land in Santa Fe, NM this eve, and will keep you up to date on all of my Soul Fire Summer offerings! Interested in more??!! If you want to join me for the play-by-play, live streams, supportive discussions, yoga, meditations, cacao, sounds and more join me on my new Facebook group, Soul Fire “Soul Seekers” Summer Tour. Let us join together to be a part of the shift, elevating one another and spreading positivity, light and love. Together, we can make a difference. 🌵🌵🌵🌵🌵🌵🌵🌵🌵🌵
#soulfiresocial #cadillacranch #soulfiresummertour2020 #soulseeker2020 #forthegood #elevate #raisethevibration #partoftheshift
Instagram post 2326202564531946939_5443511929 Mangala Charn Mantra: the Mantra for Protection. Surround yourself with protective light. Aad Guray Nameh, Jugad Guray Nameh, Sat Guray Nameh, Siri Guru Dey Vey Nameh. 
It’s day two of my journey out west, and each day, I begin my travels by chanting this mantra 3x as I visualize surrounding myself and my vehicle with a protective light. A beautiful way to begin the day and start your journey. Today: Starkville, Mississippi to Witchita Falls, Texas. 
#soulseekers #soulseeker2020 #soulfiresocial #summertour2020🔥 #raisethevibration #elevateyourself #gowestwoman #riseabove #loveonly
Instagram post 2325198745337527069_5443511929 My goodness, we have had a fascinating journey together the past few months! It has been a wild ride but such a pleasure to work through all of the ups & downs with you. Thank you for your continued support. I hope that you have found the Soul Fire Social community a source of strength and clarity throughout these challenging times. I know I did, and I also know I don't want it to end. I want us to stay engaged, to continue expanding our practice, elevating our consciousness, and truly igniting the mind, body, soul connection. I want us to stand united in our commitment to living healthier, happier, more spiritually connected lives. So, as I pack the house and finalize plans for my trip out west, I am making sure I have the tools in place to bring you along for the ride!

Please cut & paste here to find out more about how to join my new Facebook Group: Soul Fire "Soul Seekers" Summer Tour, my residency at Anahata Yoga in Minturn, Colorado and to tune into a whole host of exciting events from Santa Fe, to Sedona, to Vail Valley to........ 🌵🏔🌵🏔🌵🏔🌵🏔
🌵🏔🌵🏔🌵🏔🌵🏔🌵 @soulfiresocial
Instagram post 2322727057735551564_5443511929 In solidarity.

#blackouttuesday #blackoutday2020 #justiceforgeorgefloyd
Instagram post 2321425087582381198_5443511929 Just a little sunrise gathering with cacao, gongs, drums, bowls, bells and sacred chants calling on infinite truth and the transition from darkness to light! Oh yes, WE CAN, call in peace, aid in the shift and direct healing energy.  Sat Nam Women of Wanderer Lane, Sat Nam & Wahe Guru.... #womenofwandererlane #thepowerofwomen #wow #womenofwanderer #joinusintheshift #jointhemovement #raisethevibetribe #findyourtribelovethemhard #elevateyourmindset #letselevateeachother #risesisterrise #waheguru #satnam #kundalinirising🐍 #riseupandchant #meditatebythesea #sendouthealinglight
Instagram post 2316515026628216126_5443511929 “When you don’t have a plan, have faith!” — reflections on an empty calendar and a birds-eye view of this weeks virtual schedule, before I shift gears and head West! ⬅️⛰🏕🏔🏕🏔⛰
Details in BIO or my “events” page @soulfiresocial 🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈
Soul Fire Weekly: When you don’t have a plan, have faith! ☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️
#soulfireweekly #havefaith #bigfaith #clearthecalender #bigblue #kundaliniyoga #virtualkundalini #zoomkundalini #kundalini #kundalinizoom #yogaathome🏡 #intheflow #raiseyourvibe #elevateyourself
Instagram post 2315079351508756403_5443511929 Out of the blue, I received a “goddess of light and goodness” bouquet from a beautiful friend who simply said “I am grateful for you”. With so much love and gratitude, I share this magical bouquet and say I am grateful to each and every one of you, for your love and support and presence. 🌺 🌸 🌺 
It’s so nice to be appreciated, let’s pay it forward...... #appreciation #grateful #loveandgratitude #outoftheblue #payitforward
Instagram post 2314661167462944708_5443511929 During my residency in Sri Lanka @senwellnesssanctuary we collaborated with a local monk. Over the course of the  month, he taught us Buddhist mindfulness practices and I taught him how to play the gong. It was beautiful to see how ancient spiritual practices could be interwoven and shared in the modern world to elevate the spirit and open the heart to more peace and love. 💚🙏💚🙏💚🙏💚
This weekend, you are invited to join me to experience the power of Kundalini Yoga (Sat 9am) and cacao/ceremonial chocolate as a “plant medicine” as I use ancient techniques to take you on a deep guided meditation and shamanic journey, called “Gifts from the Goddess” this Sunday 3-5pm EST. These practices are available to everyone, and they work to enhance your mind, body, soul connection so you can truly step into the path of 💚-centered living, in the present, in your truth. Join me and elevate yourself, enhancing your own spiritual practices through inspired activation!! 🙏💚🙏💚🙏💚🙏
@soulfiresocial @candacekundalini @keithscacao .
#sacredceremony #experiencebliss #activation #spiritualawakening #cacaoceremony #buddhistmeditation #kundaliniyoga #elevateyourselves #ceremonialcacao #ceremonialchocolate #mindbodyspirit #setyoursoulonfire #itsallaboutlove❤️ #letthelightinstudio #kundalinirising #lovepractice #heartcenteredliving #spiritualawakening #raiseyourvibration #giftsfromthegoddess
Instagram post 2314277499376654312_5443511929 “Gifts from the Goddess”: 💚-based donations only for Sunday’s  Sacred Cacao Ceremony & Shamanic Journey! Join me from your own sacred space, as we connect with the spirit of cacao to receive her plant medicine wisdom! In this deep guided meditation you will commune with the goddess as she helps you to re-ignite the mind, body, soul connection! 
Locals, you will have time to grab your cacao, but don’t worry if you can’t get access to ceremonial grade, our online tribe will call in her spirit, so even without ingesting her magic, you can experience a deep dive journey.  Details on my bio, or check out the event on my Facebook page: @soulfiresocial 
#sacredcacao #soulfirecacao #keithscacao #cacaoceremony #sacredceremony #sacredcacaoceremony #elevateyourself #cacaolove #sharethemagic #giftsfromthegoddess #channelyourinnergoddess #whencacaospeaks #mindbodyspirit #reignitethefire #soulfiresocial
Instagram post 2312805399562375561_5443511929 Join me tomorrow at 9-10:30am for a traditional Kundalini yoga class with a “Kriya for Morning Sadhana”. Shift energy through out the entire body and elevate your mind, body, soul connection. Available for all levels and experience. See registration link on in BIO or @soulfiresocial events on my FB page!

Now is the time to stay on target.... #stayontarget #elevateyourvibration #raisethevibetribe #soulfiresocial #kundalinieverydamnday #mantraandmeditation #kundalinizoom #zoomkundaliniyoga #zoomkundalini #yogatorise #elevateyourpractice #globalkundaliniyoga
Instagram post 2311780137383042852_5443511929 May your vibes be high as you start the week off right! And when it’s time to bring it down a notch, join me to SLOW YOUR ROLL, a gentle, kundalini flow and chant at 4-4:50pm EST (M/Thurs), LIVE On ZOOM. .....from my last live workshop in March @ddybluffton. 
#kundaliniyoga #kundalini #elevateyourself #paistegongs #gongs #soundhealing #highvibemonday #raiseyourvibration #slowyourroll #zoomkundalini #kundaliniflowandchant #kundalinihhi #soulfirekundalini #candaceblair #meditate #meditateandelevate #freeyourmind
Instagram post 2309601491172094721_5443511929 Join me tomorrow at 9am EST to experience the magic of a virtual kundalini class with students from around the globe. Our community is growing stronger everyday. Practice your Kriya’s with friends from  Canada, Germany, Switzerland, England, South Africa, France & Ireland and right here on HHI! It’s time to spread your wings, just because you can..... They say it’s all about the experience. I invite you to have one. 6am PST, 9am EST, 2pm UK, 3pm CET..... #kundalinisouthcarolina #kundalinilondon #kundaliniyogainlondon #kundaliniyogaottawa #kundaliniyogaireland #kundalinizurich #kundaliniyogasouthafrica #kundaliniyogaswitzerland #kundaliniyogamunich #kundaliniyogagermany #kundaliniyogaengland #virtualkundalini #kundalinilive #kundaliniyoga #kundalini #zoomkundalini #zoomkundaliniyogaclass #onlinekundaliniyoga #globalkundaliniyoga #raiseyourvibe #soulfiresocial #havetheexperienceofalifetime
Instagram post 2308923132737796784_5443511929 It’s been 180 days since I had a drink and I must admit, I am feeling pretty damn amazing & inspired to continue this fascinating journey! I’ll write more about it in my weekly mail, working title: Sober AF 🤣 but today, I invite you to celebrate and practice with me at 4pm EST as we SLOW YOUR ROLL with gentle movement and an extended meditation for healing. Registration link in my BIO and on FB @soulfiresocial 
#soberissexy #elevateyourself #raiseyourvibration #cacaoceremony #ceremonialcacao #arieldealcoholizedwine #moreplantsplease #soberaf #thisnakedmind #sobercurious #oneyearnobeer #inspired #itsawholenewworld
Instagram post 2306840496712291240_5443511929 Slow.Your.Roll. w. Me 4pm Monday/Thurday for a 50minute, gentle Kundalini Flow & Chant. This weeks theme: “Get Your Body out of Distress” - and start to heal yourself from the inside... #kundaliniyoga #kundalini #meditation #flowandchant #slowyourroll #itsallgood #turnitdownanotch #elevateyourself
Instagram post 2306831579043081374_5443511929 Simply, Be Kind..... How are your hearts this week?? My heart space is currently feeling pretty open & light, but I am definitely struggling with some interesting bouts of stress & anxiety, the roots of which I can't always put my finger on! Is it mine? Is it the collective? Thursday's Scorpio Super Moon seems to have impacted many of us more profoundly than expected. This, coupled with the interplay of nervous energy and excitement for freedom, as we face our re-opening, makes me feel like I just jumped on a roller coaster ride, again…….
 There are still so many unanswered questions and this uncertainty can result in fear and judgment. But, if there is one thing I believe can help get us through these volatile times, it is KINDNESS, to ourselves and to one another.
We are all having our own unique experience in life, and never has it been more apparent than with how this pandemic has effected each and every-one of us so uniquely. I invite you to remain vigilantly kind-hearted and refrain from the judgment of others as each business owner and citizen decides how they will re-enter society. May we support one another and hold ourselves to a high degree of care & kindness & respect for our fellow humans. We are all in this together, let's try and remember to love our neighbors and Raise the Vibe of our Collective Tribe whenever possible. .
For more information on my classes this week, nightly meditations and my next global cacao ceremony (5/24--"Gifts from the Goddess") please got my @soulfiresocial events page, cut&paste the link below or visit my Bio for all links. .
Please share this post with anyone you think could use some Kundalini, Meditation, Cacao and Kindness in their lives! Join our tribe, everyone is welcome here. Candace .
Instagram post 2305220162074510691_5443511929 TODAY at 11am! “Shine Bright”: a Kundalini Fundraiser for my beautiful friend Suzanne, her students and teachers at the  @omloungeyoga in Pittsburgh!  All donations go directly to rent & utilities and to keep the lights on! Suze had opened her dream yoga space only 2 months before lockdown. Ironically, I hosted the last group event there for her students & teacher trainers! Since then she has been live streaming and doing all she can to keep the magic alive, but stimulus checks have yet to come so I am reaching out  to spread the word for a wild and wonderful kundalini class to raise some funds! Don’t worry if you have never done it before, tomorrow is your day! Let’s shine our lights bright together for an awesome cause!! Details/Registration and donation on my Facebook page @soulfiresocial! Share the love! 
#fundraiserevent #kundaliniyoga #kundalinifundraiser
Instagram post 2304014258729764991_5443511929 “Shine Bright, a Kundalini fundraiser for Om” Saturday at 11am, to support my friend Suzanne, her beautiful students & teachers at the Om Lounge in Pittsburgh! Check out my FB events @soulfiresocial for details on a wicked Kundalini class called the “Alligator” live from from HHI! Donations will be made directly to the Om Lounge via PayPal: for rent and utilities until they are up and running again!  Keep the lights shining bright!!!!
#fundraiser #kundalinifundraiser #shinebright #omlounge #omloungeyoga #inspiration #charityevent #fundsforfriends
Instagram post 2302571953883929690_5443511929 Kundalini Yoga for “Youth & Joy”, awww yeah! Wednesday’s class gives the lymphatic system a massive squeeze when we kick off 9am EST.  Stay home, stay healthy, get fighting fit, fab for summer and have a ton of fun with me online! 
#kundalini #kundaliniyoga #virtualkundalini #virtualkundaliniyogaclass #zoomkundalini #zoomyogaclasses #wildwednesday #youthandjoy #kundalinimantrameditation #meditation #raiseyourvibe #elevateyourself #fabandfun #fitandfunky #healthyhabits #embracethechange
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