Life is about experiences and together, we can create bespoke events that are tailor-made just for you, your friends or your business. The options are truly endless!

Life is about experiences and together, we can create bespoke events that are tailor-made just for you, your friends or your business. The options are truly endless!



Whether you are looking to host a private event, a studio class or workshop or a corporate outing, we can help you design the perfect retreat – with intention. 

Imagine hosting a Kundalini “Rebirthing” Workshop or Sound Healing Journey at your studio, organizing a weekly meditation circle in your neighborhood, sharing a heart opening cacao ceremony with your partner or offering a unique gift to the “bride to be”. You can throw a full moon dance party fueled with positive intention, good vibes and “chocolate cocktails!”, a great non-alcoholic party option! 

Looking to for something inspirational at your next corporate offsite? Allow me the opportunity to teach your team breathing techniques to reduce stress & focus the mind or share a relaxing gong mediation when you complete your next project. 

Looking for an opportunity to travel with intention? Interested in hosting a corporate retreat that incorporates health & wellness. We are available globally for events and retreats, so all you have to do is ask. 

Be sure to keep an eye on all of my events by following along on Instagram and my events page by clicking below:

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Available for 1-1s, Group Sessions, Workshops and Retreats.

Raise the Vibe With Your Tribe!

Soul Fire Social is a platform for all of my passions: Kundalini Yoga, Gong Therapy and Sound Meditation, Cacao Ceremonies, Community Service, Bespoke Events and Retreat Experiences, Music, Art & Travel. I invite you to enjoy me on my journey. Together we can raise the vibe of our collective tribe.
My Tribe is ever growing thanks to some terrific partners and friends! Here are just a few of my partners and business associates who have helped me along the way in planning and marketing my experiences. From photography to web development, event planning to offering retreats – it is great to have a network of friends to help define our collective experiences

Jes Golden, Sovereign Essence
Ian Santiagio – IVS Photography
Rich Collins – Thirst Productions

Ross Lysinger from

And many more!
Instagram post 2195283075280619019_5443511929 When you are lucky enough to have a friend and business partner who makes the most magical healing crystal jewelry & malas you have reason to smile!!!! Jes will be showcasing all of her exciting new pieces at our Sovereign Souls Christmas Market next Sunday 1-5pm on Wanderer Lane! Join us for ceremonial, cacao, carols, tarot card readings, homemade vegan samplers, teas, oils, balms and sacred smudge bundles. Holiday gifts made with love and positive vibrations! Join us..... 🎁🌲🎁🌲🎁🎄 #sovereignsouls #jointheevolution #raisethevibe #christmasmarket #magicalmalas #sovereignessence #soulfiresocial #giftsthatheal #homemadegifts #madewithlove❤️ @keithscacao
Instagram post 2191439954004388103_5443511929 “We are going to deal with this mind of ours and unload our unfulfilled dreams so we can have a little space to live. It is called jerking out the jerk in us”. Remember, “Whatever comes from the soul shall stay. Whatever comes from your mind has to be worked out”. Join me for a powerful Kundalini workshop: “Cleaning the Clutter of the Mind” this Saturday, 2-4pm, Bluffton @jivayogacenter. Using breathe, movement, sound and mantra we will work to rebirth the mind and clear & cleanse the subconscious so we can live in the now, present and aware with space for growth and light! 
#kundalinirebirthing #yogibhajanteachings #kundaliniyoga #kundalinibluffton #kundalinihiltonhead #rebirthing #declutterthemind #yogibhajanquotes #yogibhajaneveryday #elevateyourself #cleansethemind
Instagram post 2191430196140701219_5443511929 How will you cacao? Will she inspire you to create? Meditate? Dance? Sing? Play? Teach? Lie back and gaze at the stars? Will you invite your partner to join you in a private heart opening ceremony? Or will you join a group to set an intention, release negative energy & raise your vibration? 💚💚💚
That my friends is up to you! Connecting with this magical plant medicine is a personal experience that is ever evolving. Whether you celebrate the “spirit of cacao” in your daily practice, alone on your mat, dancing with friends, or with us (@sovereign_souls_evolution ) in a group, sacred ceremony, depends on your connection to the plant and your personal calling. 💚 💚💚
I would love to tell you more about my personal experience with cacao, how & why Jes & I use her in sacred ceremony to enhance our sound healings and deepen the shamanic journey with our clients. I would be honored to share her beautiful history, usages by ancient civilizations, physiological impacts and why she is considered a female plant, “food of the gods” and her benefits as an energizing, mood enhancing, superfood! 💚💚💚
So, please, if you are interested contact me directly or take a moment to read more on My website under “cacao”. I have chosen to use @keithscacao for all of my  formal ceremonies and I sell Keith’s Cacao as a practitioner but I are happy to share my experiences with other brands as well. I just want to spread the good word and make the introduction to her heart opening, creative powers to help you raise your vibration and connection to pachamama! 💚💚💚
Upcoming Events: Cacao + Sound 
Dec 14th:  @ddybluffton 
Jan 17: @jivayogacenter. Bluffton 
Jan 18th:  @savannahyogacenter..
or contact me directly if you are drawn to ceremonial chocolate personally or you would like to organise a ceremony for your friends, partner, family, business, teachers, teacher trainers, alcohol free-events, you name it, we can cacao!Besides, it’s seems everyone could use a little heart opening and positive energy shifting in this day and age.... Let us introduce the goddess of cacao and see how she moves YOU. 
Photo Cred: @ivsphoto @keithscacao #sacredcacaoceremony
Instagram post 2190845820893683745_5443511929 I LOVE TEACHING KUNDALINI YOGA!!
#postkundaliniglow #kundalinimagic #kriyatoexperiencegod #kundaliniyoga #kundaliniyogateacher #bestjobintheworld #lovewhatyoudo #raiseyourvibration #hiltonheadkundalini #purajiva
Instagram post 2189702383268055006_5443511929 When it’s all said & done, sweet surrender.... 🙏 to everyone who joined Jes & I for a special “Harvest of Gratitude” Thanksgiving Day fusion yoga class @jivayogacenter. We loved every single moment of movement, mantra, meditation & sound.  Thank you for your beautiful presence. It mattered. 
What’s coming this week???
-Tues/Thursday Kundalini at Jiva 9:15am
-Salted Sound & Meditation at Pure Salt Studio, this Tuesday 5-6pm or 6-7pm -Friday Night Dec 6th, Sound Healing Journey at Jiva HHI -Kundalini Rebirthing Workshop  to “De-Clutter the Mind”, Jiva Bluffton, Saturday, Dec 7 2-4pm
And, Save the Date for Sovereign Souls Christmas Market On Wanderer Lane, Dec 15th, 1-5pm. Details to follow... 🔔 
#harvestofgratitude #kundaliniyoga #soundhealing @sovereign_souls_evolution @jivayogacenter #inhalewithlove #exhalewithgratitude #kundaflowyoga #kundalinifusion #sovsouls #sovereignsouls @puresaltstudios
Instagram post 2185663708355945596_5443511929 Sunrise cacao. Starting the day off right with a bow to Pachamama, inviting the divine feminine spirit, the “goddess of cacao”, to dance in my veins, to uplift and inspire. How will you cacao? 
#cacaoinspirations #elevatewithcacao #sunrisecacao #pachamama #mamagaia #howdoyoucacao #fortheloveofcacao #cacaogoddess #cacaogoddesspowered #raiseyourvibration #divinefeminine #ceremonialcacao
Instagram post 2184461213378111088_5443511929 Radiate. 
#walktheline #findyourway #afinebalance #radiate #freedom #empoweryourself #yinyang #elevate #beachmusings #meaningfulmeanders #grounddownriseup
Instagram post 2176367115068891351_5443511929 Surround yourself with great people, they say. Surround yourself with friends who support you, believe in you & elevate you. DONE ✅ 
#missyou #letsgobacktomexico #friendsforlife❤️ #posadamargarita #elevatewithfriends #riseup #bettertogether
Instagram post 2174255514765483684_5443511929 “We meditate so that our minds can be sharp & alert. We chant mantras so that your souls can be ignited like candles. We walk in the light of this beauty. -Yogi Bhajan. 🌠🌠🌠 #morningcall #sadhanaonthebeach #ekongkarasatnamasiriwaheguru #morningsadhana #chant #meditatebythesea #raiseyourvibration #kundaliniyoga #riseup #keepupandyouwillbekeptup #yoginbhajan #yogibhajanteachings #yogibhajaneveryday
Instagram post 2173542399434169911_5443511929 When I ask Suze for a down dog  adjustment.... #friendsdoyogatogether #yogaadjustments #shekicksmyass #yogawithsuze #elevatewithfriends #raiseyourvibrationtoday #yogipals #yogisonretreat @omloungeyoga @amansalatulum
Instagram post 2173340262578030282_5443511929 Exploring Yogi Bhajan’s system of numerology to identify & address strengths & weaknesses in the 10 bodies. “Yoga Bliss” in Tulum with this amazing crew from @omloungeyoga in @amansalatulum 
#fusionyoga #yogaretreattulum #kundalinibythesea #sunrisekundalini #oceancleanse #riseandshine #elevateyourself
Instagram post 2173057836299695875_5443511929 Grateful & Satiated at the end of a brilliant day.... 🙏 @omloungeyoga for letting me share Kundalini on the “Yoga Bliss” retreat! 
#morningcall #omlounge #yogabliss #layayoga #sadhana #longekongkars #kundalinibythesea #kundalinitulum #tulumkundalini #raiseyourvibration #meditatebythesea #peace #grateful #satiatedsoul
Instagram post 2172936277702650158_5443511929 “Yoga Bliss” is right.... Sending love & light from @amansalatulum 
@omloungeyoga retreat. Fabulous. 
#tulumyogaretreat #retreatwithfriends #yogaisbetterwithfriends #yogafusion #kundalini #vinyasaflow #layayogameditation #letitflow #letyourselfgo #slowandlow #kundalinibythesea
Instagram post 2172053492188068470_5443511929 Fluff your aura today and see what happens when you allow your positive energetic field to merge and ignite with other positive energy fields. Hold onto your socks, because this is where the magic happens!!! Acknowledging the power of the 8th chakra.... Loving the vibes on retreat at “Yoga Bliss in Tulum” with @omloungeyoga @amansalatulum #fusionyoga #yogafusion #strengthentheaura #kundaliniyoga #layayoga #8thchakra #auraglow
Instagram post 2171445223251294296_5443511929 How was Field & Flow Festival, you ask? MAGICAL from start to finish. So fun, that next year we are ALL going together! Yay!!! it’s time to pencil in an October trip to South Carolina and let’s get down to the river for a weekend of fabulous friends, food, music, movement and quite simply the loveliest group of people I have ever met en masse! 
View from Sunday’s closing Sacred Cacao & Sound Healing Ceremony with @sovereign_souls_evolution on the Edisto River, under the oaks... AHO! 
@fieldandflowfest @sovereign_souls_evolution @sovereign_essence @naturalgatheringgrounds
Instagram post 2166490678555845852_5443511929 Amaze-balls! Bringing high vibe, ceremonial chocolate to a festival near you. Swing by @sovereign_souls_evolution vendor booth this weekend for malas, cacao, sacred smudge bundles and so much more...... @fieldandflowfest @naturalgatheringgrounds and get inspired with @keithscacao 
Can’t make it this weekend? Watch this space. This was too fun to not have a party... #cacaoballs #amazeballs #shamazeballs #ohyesican #anythingispossible #jointheevolution
Instagram post 2166356779528008955_5443511929 Feeling like a mad, magical, cacao scientist cooking up ceremonial balls of joy for @fieldandflowfest this weekend! Let the good times roll!!!!!!! @keithscacao @naturalgatheringgrounds @sovereign_souls_evolution @sovereign_essence #ceremonialcacao #sacredcacaoceremony #cacaoballs #cacaoballsofjoy #cacaoballs #blissballmagic
Instagram post 2164648301507668884_5443511929 Further Education! Today, I begin a 4 weeks course with @keithscacao to deepen my  knowledge of the history of cacao in ancient civilizations, to understand more fully the physiological impacts of drinking cacao and working through proven research on its amazing health benefits. I will learn from others who are hosting unique ceremonies around the globe!  Watch this space for exciting chocolate news & cacao related facts! 
I will be serving/selling @keithscacao  @fieldandflowfest this weekend and Jes and I,@sovereign_souls_evolution will be using it for the closing ceremony: “Sacred Cacao Ceremony, Shamanic Journey & Sound Healing”! Join us if you can! Tickets still available. 
Or you can contact me directly for more info, or check out my website. I plan on hosting a cacao prep party soon! Aho! 
#cacaoceremony #ceremonialcacao #cacao #ceremonialchocolate #carolinacacacao #soulfirecacao #cacaoballs #blissballs #ceremonialcacaosouthcarolina #raiseyourvibration #furtheryoureducation
Instagram post 2163412612984262196_5443511929 Gnome Bliss!!! I told my bestie I used to love the garden gnomes in the Alps (clearly one of our more highly intellectual discussions) and look what arrived as a house warming gift!!!! I am beside myself with joy and can’t wait to light up my garden with this little nugget of dancing joy!!!! Look at that green turban!! Love you @nikki_seymour_ 
#gnomesofinstagram #yogagnome #gnomesweetgnome #gnomegarden #getyourgnomeon
Instagram post 2161940387542280078_5443511929 Come Sail Away, Come Sail Away... BVI Jan 26-Feb 2

NEW, DISCOUNTED GROUP RATES for this MAGICAL, 8 day, SAILING & YOGA experience of a lifetime! Aho! 
For all the juicy deets:

@sovereign_souls_evolution @soulfiresocial @sovereign_essence @activecruising #jointheevolution #comesailaway #sailingandyoga #yogaandsailing #luxuryyogaretreats #luxuryretreats #caribbeanyogavacations #bviholidays #bviretreat #sailbvi 
Instagram post 2151979584609306821_5443511929 BLUFFTON CACAO + SOUND = GOOD VIBRATIONS! AHO! 
Cacao has been used for centuries as a "plant medicine" due to its heart opening qualities and wide-ranging health benefits, and when grown and consumed consciously, carries a vibrational quality that opens us up to a higher level of healing. Cacao ceremonies bring us together to share an intention, and by consuming ceremonial grade chocolate, we hope to achieve a deeper state of meditation.
🌟🍫 🌟
@soulfiresocial and I will be your personal guides on this unique journey designed to facilitate the release of old, tiring patterns and abandon negative energy, allowing you to open up to a greater sense of love and gratitude - so that you may ultimately step further into heart-centered living. We begin our journey with intention setting and enjoy a yummy cup of @keithscacao We will guide you on your meditative journey with the use of Native American drums, koshi bells, the rain stick, bowls and ancient gongs, which will serve to deepen our collective experience & aid healing at a cellular level! 
Please join us next Wednesday 
October 16th @ddybluffton from 6:30pm-8pm 
for this transformationl experience!
#sovsouls #sovereignsouls #soundhealing #vibrationalhealing #dancingdogsyoga #sacredcacao #plantmedicine #anahata #heartchakra #keithscacao #guatamala #pachamama #gaia #blufftonsc #bluffton #oldtownbluffton #blufftonlifestyle #whattodoinblufftonhhi #raiseyourvibe #aho #jointheevolution
Instagram post 2151731123879962674_5443511929 Sat Nam: “Truth is my name” or “Truth is my identity”. This seemingly simple Kundalini phrase is actually beautifully complex and can be used in greeting, in mantra and as a vibrational experience when chanted. 🌞🌞🌞
A Blog by Dr. Ramadesh on Spirit Voyage explains it beautifully: 
So what is “Sat Nam“? What does it mean?
In very simple terms, Sat means Truth and Nam means Name.  You could translate it as True Name or Truth is my name.  It is a way of acknowledging that at our essence is the Essence.  The “Truth”, which is bigger than any human truth, isn’t a matter of right or wrong or even a concept that we can clearly articulate.  It is simply an acknowledgement that the Great Mystery is who we are.
As a greeting, saying “Sat Nam” is a bit like saying “I see your true nature” or “I recognize the divinity within you”. ✌️✌️✌️
The vibration of the mantra itself is important. “Sat” has a vibration that reaches upward through the crown chakra.  It is an etheric vibration, as the meaning of “Truth” here correspondingly isn’t tangible but is more etheric.  If you meditate very carefully upon the vibration of “Sat Nam”, you can feel the flow of energy moving from the Etheric (Sat) to the Material (Nam). Nam is “name” but more importantly it is a vibration.  The word itself carries a vibration that makes the divine manifest into the earth plane.  So “Nam” is a grounding vibration, a manifesting vibration.  It acknowledges the Infinite made manifest as a vibration in this world.  So chanting “Sat Nam” reaches up into the etheric plane and pulls the vibration of Infinity into your awareness, your consciousness, and your physical world.
This mantra is more than what it means in translation.  It is an experience.  By chanting “Sat Nam” or meditating upon it with your breath, you call into your awareness the state of the vibration of truth.  You create an internal experience of what these words represent.  Truth, enlightenment, consciousness and above all awareness, comes into your experience.
Try it.  Saaaaaat Naaaaaaaam.
😘❤️😘❤️😘❤️😘❤️😘❤️ Credit/Link to blog:
Instagram post 2150959206604501429_5443511929 “Breathe. Flex. Gong. Meditate.” w. me at the Pure Salt Studio in Bluffton this Thursday  6-7:15pm. It’s going to be calming on the mind, gentle on the body & refreshing for the spirit! 
#saltroomtherapy #puresalt #himalayansalt #soundhealing #groupmeditation #stretchandflex #kundaliniyoga #saltroomhealing
Instagram post 2149641517206404795_5443511929 Elevate Yourself, Your Family, Your firm....
You don’t have to be fast to run, flexible to do yoga or able sit in silence to meditate. 🌟
You do need to make the decision to get up, get out and get going. 🌟
Yesterday, over 140 people joined our the Mindful Triathlon walking/skipping/running on our beautiful beach, before enjoying yoga and a chanting meditation. Our community raised its collective voice & its vibration. Donations went to the Sea Turtle Patrol. It was inspiring for everyone involved! 🙏 to everyone who joined and for those who couldn’t make it, we are back in the Spring! BUT......there is no need to wait that long! 🌟
Al at @gotrisports can get you running/swimming/cycling, Jean @jivayogacenter can get you sorted with a variety of yoga classes and I @Soulfiresocial teach Kundalini yoga & meditation, sound healings and sacred cacao ceremonies!
Check in with us now for class schedules, private lessons or super fun group events for friends, families & corporates! ⭐️
Get mindful!!!!
⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ #mindfultriathlon #mindfultriathalon #gotrisports #purajiva #soulfiresocial #candacekundalini #elevateyourself #selfcare #todayistheday #raisethevibe
Instagram post 2149520744798060003_5443511929 My Morning Kundalini -Sat Kriya: 1000 days with @suzeinbloom @omloungeyoga -Sarbung Dande: 365 days for @harijiwan 
@gurujagat -“Magnify your Radiance” 40 day global Sadhana @spiritvoyage 
I’ve been getting a lot of questions about how one can best develop a personal yoga/meditation practice and inquiries about my own personal practice with Kundalini and ceremonial cacao. 
For more information check out my FB page: Soulfiresocial as I’ll be putting up more information on each of these questions in the coming days! I will also be sharing more videos and tips so you can find the right practice for you! 
Local? You can join me tonight 6-7:30pm @jivayogacenter for my “intro to Kundalini” and we can discuss it in person! 
#kundalini #kundaliniyoga #satkriya #1000days #40dayglobalsadhana #globalsadhana #yogibhajan #mykundalini #personalpractice #yogaeverydamnday #yogalife #yogalifestyles #kundaliniyogalife #kundalinieverydamnday #purajiva #kundalinimeditation #raiseyourvibration #kundalinidaily #sovereignsoulsevolution #sovsouls
Instagram post 2148897074778123679_5443511929 Oh yes, you can!!!! Join me tomorrow for “Intro to Kundalini Yoga” 6-7:30PM @jivayogacenter 
This is for all ages and abilities! We will begin with a pranayama (breath work) for joy and gratitude followed by a set of exercises (Kriya) to remove energetic blockages in the body, finishing with “gong bath” for relaxation and an inspiring meditation! Make Monday, “try something new day” -I promise a unique and uplifting experience! 🙏🧘‍♀️✌️ #kundaliniyoga #kundalini #purajiva #satnam #yogibhajan #introtokundaliniyoga #trysomethingnewtoday #raiseyourvibe #elevateyourexperience #makenewfriends #elevateyourpractice
Instagram post 2147697370144913564_5443511929 So, to every awesome person who follows SoulFireSocial, this is my mom at 75!!! She is beauty, truth, strength, honesty, love, woman, mother, friend, powerhouse.... She inspires me daily.... ❤️🙏✌️
Instagram post 2146622444260518012_5443511929 How do you define strength? Beauty? Femininity? Power? Can you embody all of these attributes at the same time? YES. Thursday’s tribe of magical spiritual warriors raised the roof and magnified their radiance for the world today. Wahe Guru!!!!!! #kundaliniyoga #waheguru #satnam #power #femininity #beauty #strength #spiritualwarriors #wearwhite #magnifyyourradiance #40dayglobalsadhana #spiritvoyageglobalsadhana #weareone #raisethevibetribe #gotoglow @jivayogacenter 
Photo cred: Connie Cappy
Instagram post 2145941803638251290_5443511929 Raise your hand 🖐 if you are ready to book your space on our January 26-Feb 2 Yoga & Sailing experience in the British Virgin Islands! This is an investment  in YOU! It is a chance to commit to your heart, health and well-being and an opportunity to reboot in the cold, dark winter with some sun & fun. A mind, body, soul adventure of a lifetime! Aho! 
Don’t retreat, evolve with us...... @sovereign_souls_evolution 
#yogasailing #sailyoga #yogasailingtrip #yogasailingholidays #yogaretreats2020 
#britishvirginislands #bvisailing #bviyoga #nyretreats #luxuryyogaretreat #empoweryourself #sailingadventures #raiseyourvibrations

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