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A 30-Day Immersion & Deep Dive with Keith’s Cacao and Candace Blair!

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Whatever your Dependency, let’s DETOX it! Step into the world with an ELEVATED MIND, BODY & SPIRIT. Let Candace Blair & Keith’s Cacao be your guides on this transformational immersion….


This 30-Day Detox Immersion weaves sound-healing, shamanic journeying, meditation, Ceremonial Cacao and the combined teachings of Keith Wilson (aka The Chocolate Shaman) and Candace Blair. Emerge with an ELEVATED MIND, BODY & SPIRIT.

Be Supported in Community as you DETOX & ELEVATE this January. This immersion is for you if….

 There is something in your life you are dependent on (social media, alcohol, sugar, people-pleasing, other toxic behaviour) and you are ready to move past it once and for all.

✨ You are ready to anchor in all the personal & spiritual development work you’ve been learning and believe it is now time to embody it!

✨ You have repeatedly tried to overcome your dependencies on your own, and are calling in support and community.

✨ You are aware of self-sabotaging behaviours, and are looking for new tools and healing modalities for support.

✨ You have given your power away to forces external, and are ready to cultivate power from within.

✨ You are ready for fundamental changes in your life, and are committed to do whatever it takes!

✨ You have a strong desire to make 2022 your best year yet elevated in mind, body and spirit.

✨ Your life feels out of balance or overwhelming, and you want to step into ease, grace and flow.

SURRENDER what no longer serves you and emerge feeling…

Liberated  from your dependencies, free and clear to create a powerful 2022 and beyond.

Activated empowered knowing you are the creator of your reality.

Connectedto source with a strong inner knowing of your infinite nature.

Detoxifiedin your body and energetic field.

Freefrom negative conscious and unconscious patterns and self sabotaging behaviour.

Clear – while focused and free of stress and anxiety.

Balancedwith aligned chakras and a clear auric field.

Elevated – with lower density energy transmuted and released.

Aware of your triggers and equipped with ways to release them before taking hold.

Alignedwith your truth providing a clear channel and vision for your future.

Powerful with the confidence to manifest your dreams and goals from a place of personal wisdom.

Tuned in to the ancient wisdom of your guides and spiritual healers to support your prayers.

Vibrant thriving physically, emotionally and spiritually! 

The Spirit of Cacao is a powerful ally during the detox, allowing insight into your conscious and subconscious minds to find truth & clarity. Seek her ancient wisdom and tap into her heart opening and healing vibration throughout the process.


• Orientation and Intention Setting Session on Zoom (LIVE)

• 3 Support Sessions on Zoom (LIVE)

• Final Integration Session on Zoom (LIVE)

• Opening and closing self-guided cacao ceremonies

• Guided, vibrational sound healings and shamanic journey by Candace

• Pre-recorded guided meditations and teachings with Keith

• Weekly meditations and physical practices by Candace

• Sacred music, breath work & mantra practices

• Private Cacao Immersion Facebook Community

• Powerful daily practices delivered via email

• Sacred space creation and powerful intention setting guidance

• 2lbs (907g) of Keith’s Pure Ceremonial Cacao

• Cacao drink recipes and ceremonial guidelines

• Journal prompts for reflection and integration

• And other online support materials 

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