Most store-bought cocoa (processed cacao) lacks the significant health benefits and vibrational quality of ceremonial cacao. Today, due to increasing demand, there are multiple retailers selling cacao, and I have tried most of them! Most important in choosing your cacao is being aware of the source, the process for production and I look for cacao which has been grown with intention, blessed by hand and where profits are being used to ensure not only a high-quality cacao but that also ensure that the local communities growing cacao benefit from its sale. I want to see at least a portion of the profits going back to the community and a high standard of cultivation which ensures consistent quality. I am happy to share my recommendations. 


Keith’s Cacao: “The Original & World’s Finest 100% Ceremonial Grade Cacao.”


keiths cacao bring on your magic 

Keith Wilson, affectionately known as the “chocolate shaman” is considered the founding father of the ceremonial cacao movement and has been an influential figure for both myself and my mentors. For over ten years, he and his wife have hosted bi-weekly ceremonies, on his porch, in San Marcos, Guatemala, sharing his love for cacao, ancient Mayan traditions, and the local community. I have had the pleasure of experiencing the true spirit of cacao with Keith, and I know every single bar is of the highest quality and blessed with intention. AHO!

Be sure to purchase Keith’s Cacao using my 5% discount for first time buyers!

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Looking for other options?

I also highly recommend the following cacao purveyors, having first-hand knowledge experience with both their cacao and the owners. Both provide delicious cacao made with intention and love and are well respected in the cacao community.

Raw, Organic, Ceremonial Grade Cacao. 

  (My recommendation for those living in the UK & Europe)

Ritual Cacao UK

 Rebekah Shaman is both my friend and mentor, and she is at the forefront of the cacao movement in Europe. A published author (The Shamans Last Apprentice,) speaker, and plant medicine specialist on Ayahuasca, Cannabis, and Cacao, Rebekah is an exclusive provider of Asháninka Cacao, a raw, organic ceremonial grade cacao from Peru. Rebekah heads up a trust for the community and is committed to sharing the amazing benefits of cacao with the world, with a focus on sustainability & supporting the indigenous communities. I recommend this cacao to my friends and family in Europe as it is directly shipped to the UK. You may also want to join one of her cacao ceremonies to better understand the power of this plant medicine (if you cannot make it to one of mine, that is!) https://ritualcacao.co.uk/

FLY KAKAO Ceremonial Drinking Cacao. “Mix. Drink. Vibe. FLY.”

(My recommendation for those living in Canada)

FLy KAKAO logo cacao soul fire social

Makenzie & Michael’s passion for ceremonial grade KAKAO cannot be denied. They offer a beautiful Peruvian Blend for daily drinking as well as a pure Guatemalan Criollo. Their mission is “to make sacred drinking chocolate available to the western world, in the way Mother Earth intended– from whole, organic, native cacao beans.” Their vision is “heart-centered creativity & the rise of consciousness assisted by this sacred plant.”

KAKAO is a registered 501c3 non-profit. whose mission is to reinvest in the local cacao-producing communities and purchased via: https://www.flykakao.com/. They have both beautiful hearts and beautiful products. And NEW, for your lovely Canadians, Jacqueline Forth is now importing FLY Cacao. You can check her offerings out locally at flykakao.ca.

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