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Find Your Tribe.

Love Them Hard.

Soul Fire Social | Kundalini, Cacao & Sound Healing

Sat Nam Beautiful Hearts!

Last week, I was inspired to write about the power of energy and how important it is to pursue activities that elevate our vibration. I realized that we have the ability to connect outside of the physical realm, through the ethers, which is so important in our current environment where social distancing is the new normal. There are no physical boundaries to our ability to feel & heal energetically so we can expand our reach exponentially, distance is no longer an obstacle to engagement. 

Which made me think about just how discerning we must be when we choose with whom we spend our time. If energy is powerful enough to be felt over the highest mountain ranges and across the oceans blue, imagine how much impact someone can have by simply vibrating their frequency directly in and around your own electromagnetic/auric field?  A LOT.  So, going forward, as we start to increase our own awareness through elevating practices (Kundalini, Meditation, Breath Work, or Sound) we must also be more attuned to our intuition– feeling, seeing, and sensing the energies of those around us. It is not just our practices that impact our energy it is also the people we choose to be around!

With this realization, can we come to see the unbelievable “power of the pack,” the glorious rising that happens when you find your tribe, your community, your support system, and make it your own. Those people and activities that make your heart and soul sing, those who believe in you and wish to truly see you thrive. This “‘raise your vibe tribe” can be a mix of family, friends, colleagues, your yoga or wellness community, one single person – or many, it really doesn’t matter. What’s important is that when you are with them, their energy elevates rather than depletes your own and visa versa. It should be a beautiful flow of love, respect, truth, and inspiration. 

This human experience is yours to live, to thrive, and enjoy. It is time to drop the stories which hold you back. It is okay to be discerning about who (and what) consumes your time. Immerse yourself in the positive whenever possible and multiply your own energies by engaging with those that recharge YOU. 

My advice? Find your tribe, and love them hard.

Love & Light, Candace    

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