Candace Performing at TEDx Hilton Head!

I am very excited to have been selected to participate in the TEDx Hilton Head, “Making Waves!”

TEDx Hilton Head Performance: Making Waves

I am thrilled to be performing at the March 14th event (11:45am) sharing the powerful vibrations of ancient gongs, crystal singing bowls, and Koshi bells. Sound Healing helps to shift the brain from beta to theta brainwaves, allowing participants to relax, release and shift stale or negative energy. A potent modality that opens us up to healing & light.

“Waves are anywhere and everywhere – from sound waves, to ocean waves, to light waves…and the one thing that they have in common is that once they arrive, their impact shakes their surroundings… and everything around them is no longer the same.” Learn more.


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