Instagram post 2274983329646724666_5443511929 Please help me to spread the good word!! Each night, at 9pm, I have been joining @fusionphotog for a silent 1 minute of prayer/meditation, sending out love, light and healing to the planet and those in need. 🙏 For those who choose to stay online, I have been leading a variety of deeper meditations with breath, mudra or mantra but tonight I will simply play my crystal singing bowls: 2 for the 💜 chakra and 1 for the 👑 chakra to elevate consciousness. Together, we can raise the vibration on this planet. ☀️🌎🌞☀️🌎🌞☀️🌎🌞
All you need to do is follow @fusionphotog on IG and about 3 minutes before the silent meditation begins join his IG live, be in a comfy quiet space, elevate your thoughts and tune into the collective consciousness. 
We will kick off at 9pm EDT, 7pm MST, 6pm PST and yes, we CAN change the world.  Please pass this along to your friends and family and let’s see how how much love & light we can send out to the universe ensemble! 
#sharetheprayer #elevateyourself #elevateothers #wecanmakeadifference❤️ #covidkindness #strongertogether❤️ #makethechange #bethereason
Instagram post 2273338119028157409_5443511929 May the force be with you, your life force! Check out our newest Kundalini mantra mediation Pavan Guru on Soulfiresocial FB page or on my new YouTube channel! Please get inspired.
Instagram post 2272331747087917788_5443511929 Thank you to everyone who dialed in for tonight’s 9pm EST 1 minute meditation/healing prayer with @fusionphotog 
We are sorry for the tech glitch, and hope you still enjoyed the time and space to mediate and reflect! We will be back tomorrow at 9pm with another moment of silence and a mediation to open the heart. 
Peace & love. Join us and spread the word!!! You can logon thru my SoulfireSocial IG tomorrow night! Or follow Deevo for all kinda of awesome offerings! 
#meditation #globalmeditationforhealing #mediatetoheal #collaboratewithlove #cometogether #celebratecommunity #joinus #collectiveconsciousness #raisethevibration #theshift #peaceandlove✌❤
Instagram post 2266432660207599127_5443511929 It’s all about perspective isn’t it? There is so much good about this picture! My niece, @malainagalic and I practicing yoga together, at my home on HHI, via a live-streamed class from my best pal @suzeinbloom in Pittsburgh, direct from @omloungeyoga . Yes, she is here because school is cancelled, yes, my friend is live streaming because her studio is closed for the foreseeable future but, but, but the day was magical so I am going to embrace that goodness and hold it tight. Sister and nephew  arrive from Tulane tomorrow. We will make the most of this social distancing by loving up our families & friends, even if it’s online. Love and light to all of you..... may you too find the good in the challenging times. 
#omloungeyoga #omlounge #perspective #familytime❤️ #socialdistancetogether #makethemostofit #quaruntineandyoga #inlovewetrust❤️
Instagram post 2261918983219731438_5443511929 “I Bless Myself” at the Om Lounge, in Gurupranam. What a magical class “transforming energy from the lower triangle to the highest triangle” and meditating with a mantra of joy and bliss. Gobinday, what we all need in times like these. Thank you @suzeinbloom @omloungeyoga and all of your magical students, teachers and TT’s. It was an honor sharing space with you this weekend! Thank you for opening your hearts and minds to Kundalini and Sacred Cacao. Sat nam!!!! #teachertraining #kundaliniyoga #kundalinipittsburgh #omloungeyoga #bestplaceforyoga #raiseyourvibe #elevateyourpractice #gobindaymukunday #transformingenergy #elevateyourself #fusion #setyoursoulonfire🔥🔥🔥
Instagram post 2258157661986337463_5443511929 Change your perspective, change your life..... I can’t wait to reconnect with the inimitable @suzeinbloom and all of her magical teachers and students at the brand new @omloungeyoga in Pittsburgh, my home away from home! Join us Saturday evening for a Sacred Cacao Ceremony to “release, transform and manifest” and Sunday for a Kundalini Yoga experience transforming energy from the lower triangle to the upper triangle. Gong baths are included!! Let’s raise the vibe y’all yinzers!! #lovepittsburgh #keithscacao #yinzer #pittsburghyoga #pittsburghlocal #cacaoceremony #soundbath #kundaliniyoga #pittburghkundalini #kundalinipittsburgh #omlounge #omloungeyoga #raisethevibetribe #amansalatulum #freedom
Instagram post 2258118952561902076_5443511929 Southern Charm! Exclusive rooftop Sacred Cacao Ceremony & Sound Heaking experience for @the_spa_buzz retreat guests @andazsav It was an absolute honour to introduce Kristi’s guests to the magic of @soulfiresocial @keithscacao and @paistecymbals sharing space and opening our hearts! How wonderful to give the gift of wellness to those whose daily job is to help us to heal and receive. Thank you for helping to raise the vibration, rooftop style.... #spabuzzretreats #spabuzz #andaz #ambreblends #andazsavannah #rooftopceremony #treatyourguests #retreatceremony #cacaoceremony #savannahgeorgia #savannah #georgiaisforcacaolovers #rooftopsoundbath #gongbath #gongbathmeditation #healinghotel #elevateyourself #elevate #raiseyourvibration
Instagram post 2257003629104263984_5443511929 “The first step in this process of mindful awareness is radical self -acceptance” ——Stephen Batchelor 
#radicalselfacceptance #meditationsfromthemat #radicalselflove #selfacceptance #empoweringwomen #youareenough❤ #thelightislove
Instagram post 2250568148959300953_5443511929 Teaching “Wahe LuLu” how to play the gong at our 1st ever Mommy & Me meditation/yoga/sound class @puresaltstudios! Next up? Saturday at Shelter Cove 9:30am.  Join us in the salt for a healthy play date! 
@puresaltstudios @soulfiresocial #kidsmeditation #meditationforkids #kundaliniforkids #halotherapy #blufftonsc #saltedfun #healthyfun #blufftonstateofmind
Instagram post 2249435013643234285_5443511929 Discernment: “As spiritual, physical and energetic beings, we often times blur the lines between our energy, the energy of a situation, and the energy of another person.  When we take on other people’s energy and label it as our own we start to judge. This lowers our energetic vibrations. We then get caught up in the seemingly never-ending cycle of feeling “bad”, labeling, justifying and appropriating what is not ours to claim. The lesson here is to be present, not label or judge, and let the energy/feeling wash through you. Once you do this, notice where in your body you feel the effects of the emotion. Does your heart open up? Does your belly hurt? Does your throat go right? Your head can lie to you but your body never does. It is easy to become overwhelmed. Make a habit of making your first response to overwhelming energy, “Wow, that’s interesting!”, instead of what’s wrong with me?” This allows you to objectively discover how and why your body is reacting to the given situation or person.  Stop looking outside of yourself for answers to an issue. Instead, sir with it and listen to what your body is telling you.“ I’m working on this one in life and love. Tuning into my body and the strength of my intuition and choosing to be discerning about with whom I share space, which jobs I take on and how I receive energy and share energy. 
Discernment, it’s a powerful choice. 
Discernment Card, Shamanic Healing Oracle cards from Michelle A. Motuzas. 
Photo Credit:Lisa Staff

#discernment #shamanichealing #shamanichealingoraclecards #shamanichealingoracle #bediscerning #feeltheenergy #beconscious #takeyourtime #sacredceremony #sacredceremonies #bangyourdrum #hiltonheadisland #locallife #lisastaffphotography #choosewisely #space
Instagram post 2243179679785994299_5443511929 Hello beautiful, what’s on your alter? I know it must be spectacular as this is where we place our most precious crystals, smudge sticks, oracle cards, books & bibles, Mother Mary’s, Ganesha’s, Buddha’s, crosses, prayer beads, malas
 and other magical, mystical gifts and creations! Do you have journals, love letters,  rattles, wands, ashes, holy water 💦, seeds, feathers, stones or plant medicine tomes? What makes your sacred space sacred? What inspires YOU to turns into your heart and soul? 
Please feel free to share a picture of your sacred space, meditation table or sanctuary for peace and prayer! Tell us about your favorite pieces! I so enjoyed chanting in mine this morning, smiling at my laughing Buddha, he is one of my favorite finds from  my travels upstate NY to @riveryoga1000 last summer! 
#shareyoursacredspace #sacredspace #myalter #prayeralter #meditationspace #sacredfeminine #whereichant #thecalmroom #thankyouplantmedicine #sacredcacao #keithscacao #cacaotribe
Instagram post 2240442629626498522_5443511929 Leo Moon Rise in Beaufort, post triple gong sound healing with Dragana @oneyogasanctuary. 
#leomoonrise #moonrise #beaufortsc #oneyoga #collaborate #betterwithfriends❤️ #triplegong #gongbath #gongbathmeditation #shiftingenergy
Instagram post 2239736584390080592_5443511929 My Gammy, Bertha Mae “Doll” Blair always sang this gospel to me as a child: “This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine.....” She made me promise, so I try not to forget and to help others to remember... Don’t hide your passion, your beauty, your strength, your intellect, you opinion or your power. Do not subjugate your light 💡 on this planet for anyone or anything. Do not be afraid to rock the boat or rub the wrong way.  Not everyone will love you, all the time. But, If you are living consciously, loving from the heart and speaking your truth, then hell yes, rise up, enjoy your time and shine, shine, shine! 
Elevate and level up with those living and loving from their heart & soul. Befriend the ones who care and dare to fight for goodness in the world and who support you through the ups and downs. Remember, It’s okay to step away from those who brings you down.You have a choice.... to choose love, to choose joy, to choose truth, to choose the light... “Hide it under a bushel? NO, I’m gonna let it shine!!!!” #lightupyourpalosanto #dontforget #donthide #ceremonialcacao #palosanto #letyourlightshine #thislittlelightofmine✨
Instagram post 2235969708279360398_5443511929 “Tomorrow will take care of itself, and yesterday has already gone. The time is now! There is no initiation, no one to carry you across, you must stand on your own two lotus feet” - Yogi Bhajan 
Kundalini class returns to Jiva tomorrow and Thursday at 9:15am. What are you waiting for? We have so much living and experiencing to do! Let’s rise up, so we can stand strong and empowered on our own lotus feet, together! 💪 🙏🌟 #kundaliniyoga #kundaliniyogahiltonhead #yogahhi #hiltonheadyoga #scyoga #purajiva #homestudio #whiteisthenewblack
Instagram post 2234525121656599434_5443511929 What an honor it is to be featured alongside the brilliant @_carlagolden_  and Kara Cooke in the February issue of @locallifesc magazine. Thank you for sharing the many facets, and “Faces of Healthy Living”. To experience Kundalini yoga, meditation, sound or cacao please check out my website or go to “events” on my Facebook page. I teach regularly @jivayogacenter @puresaltstudios, offer workshops @ddybluffton @oneyogasanctuary and will be performing at TedTalks HHI and speaking at the Memory Matters Brain Health Summit in March!

Photo Cred: @lisastaffphoto 
#locallifemagazine #lisastaffphotography #soulfiresocial #brainhealthsummit #memorymatters #kundalini #ceremonialcacao #senwellnesssanctuary #senwellnesslondon #hiltonheadisland #kundalinihiltonhead #southcarolinayoga #kundaliniyogabythesea #gongbaths
Instagram post 2233571801202886764_5443511929 It is an absolute honour to be featured in my friend, Dr. Lauren’s “Holistic Healing Project” Podcast which is available on iTunes, google play and Spotify! 
She and I lived and worked together in Sri Lanka in 2017 @senwellnesssanctuary teaching and helping to host their magical “Golden Summer Retreat” before I made my way back to America. Her story and her podcasts are truly inspiring. Have a listen.... #holistichealing #holistichealingproject #drlauren #innercircle #chantintheboardroom #makingwaves #womenhealers #healyourselfhealtheworld #senwellnesssanctuary #soulfiresocial
Instagram post 2223029475854484786_5443511929 3 days until our global cacao ceremony! It’s time to start thinking about your intentions for release and manifestation! 
#globalcacaoceremony #cacaoceremony #sacredcacaoceremony #guidedmeditations #cacaolife #onlineceremony #sacredcacao @keithscacao @soulfirecacao @candacekundalini #liveyourdreams #manifestthebestlife #yesyoucan
Instagram post 2216107380209844824_5443511929 Join me for “Chrysalis 2020” my first, GLOBAL, live stream cacao ceremony with @keithscacao Sunday, January 19th 10am PST, 1pm EST, 6pm GMT, 7pm CET. To purchase cacao and tickets please go to the event on my FB page: soulfiresocial or message me with any questions!

#cacaoceremony #soulfirecacao #keithscacao #cacaoceremony #sacredcacao #sacredcacaoceremony #manifestation #transmutenegativeenergy #transformation #elevateyourself #raisethevibration #foodfortheshift #plantmedicine #thankyouplantmedicine #plantmedicinewoman #guidedmeditation #shamanicjourney #godeep
Instagram post 2211812036894514151_5443511929 It’s a beautiful day!!!!!!! Transitioning from a rainbow 🌈 sunset to crystal clear sunrise, nothing could be more inspiring than the dawning of a new day, year, decade. What an amazing opportunity to refresh, renew, rebuild and reconnect! Sending love and light to everyone. I am so grateful for your support.
Instagram post 2211042887364612032_5443511929 “Travel light, live light, be the light, spread the light”—. Yogi Bhajan. 🌱💚🌱💚🌱💚🌱💚🌱
Happy New Year from my jungle tent in Costa Rica. May your next decade be filled with wonder, love, good health, community, adventure, joy and positivity. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
#yogibhajan #yogibhajanquotes #kundalinirocks #newdecadenewlife #raiseyourvibration #elevateyourself #sacredcacao #plantmedicinemagic #theceremonyofyourlife
Instagram post 2202479329307634995_5443511929 Loving my turban today... Why the turban? Hair is an “energy antenna” and wearing a turban helps us to stay tuned into our own being, connected to our own energy,  protecting us from outside influences. Kundalini yoga focuses on our ability to ignite our own Kundalini energy, connecting the finite with the infinite self. This happens through activation in the crown chakra, so again we protect and contain. The turban also places pressure on meridian points around the skull. You will find there is a subtle but powerful difference meditating with your head wrapped. Try it out one day and see how you feel! Finally, Yogi Bhajan was a Sikh, and as at teacher, I find wearing a turban is beautiful way to crown myself before teaching and honoring the tradition of the ancient teaching and our teacher! 
#yogibhajanteachings #sikhtradition #honortheteacher #kundaliniyoga #yogibhajaneveryday #loveyourturban #soulfiresocial #soulfire #proudtraditions #headwrap #crownchakra
Instagram post 2199433625911916606_5443511929 Holiday Market on Wanderer Lane today 1-5pm! Sacred Smudge Bundles, Mala’s, @keithscacao Ceremonial Cacao, home made teas, tinctures, balms & oils, donation based card readings, vegan tasters, and so much holiday cheers!  Swing by anytime and join the fun!
Instagram post 2198828194847933539_5443511929 Love yourself more with.... @soulfiresocial @keithscacao.... Message me or visit my website: soulfiresocial to learn more about this magical plant medicine, why it is considered one of nature’s most powerful superfoods & mood enhancers, how to incorporate it into your daily practice, upcoming sound healings, shamanic journeys and sacred ceremonies  you can join that use this high vibration, ceremonial chocolate to release, relax and elevate your mind, body & soul. Aho... #ceremonialcacao #cacaobeans #sacredcacaoceremony #soulfiresocial #cacaoandsoundjourney #shamanicjourneying #raiseyourvibration  #levelup #elevateyourself #takechargeofyourwellness #superfoodcacao #sovereignsouls #sovereignsoulsevolution #evolve
Instagram post 2197301823097013584_5443511929 One of the greatest secrets of authentic power is to be absolutely free of others opinion of you.... Read that a few times. It’s liberating... -Blaine Wilkes, Yoga Hive, Louisville, Colorado @yogahivecolorado 
I am going to ruminate on that little nugget of wisdom on this 12:12 Portal, last full moon of the DECADE day! 
#befree #freefromjudgement #stepintoyourpower #thereisnoonelikeyou #embraceyourself #elevateyourself #authenticpower #youaremagic #ownit #turbansondontcare #walkswitharainstick 
Photo Cred: Ian Santiago
Instagram post 2195283075280619019_5443511929 When you are lucky enough to have a friend and business partner who makes the most magical healing crystal jewelry & malas you have reason to smile!!!! Jes will be showcasing all of her exciting new pieces at our Sovereign Souls Christmas Market next Sunday 1-5pm on Wanderer Lane! Join us for ceremonial, cacao, carols, tarot card readings, homemade vegan samplers, teas, oils, balms and sacred smudge bundles. Holiday gifts made with love and positive vibrations! Join us..... 🎁🌲🎁🌲🎁🎄 #sovereignsouls #jointheevolution #raisethevibe #christmasmarket #magicalmalas #sovereignessence #soulfiresocial #giftsthatheal #homemadegifts #madewithlove❤️ @keithscacao
Instagram post 2191439954004388103_5443511929 “We are going to deal with this mind of ours and unload our unfulfilled dreams so we can have a little space to live. It is called jerking out the jerk in us”. Remember, “Whatever comes from the soul shall stay. Whatever comes from your mind has to be worked out”. Join me for a powerful Kundalini workshop: “Cleaning the Clutter of the Mind” this Saturday, 2-4pm, Bluffton @jivayogacenter. Using breathe, movement, sound and mantra we will work to rebirth the mind and clear & cleanse the subconscious so we can live in the now, present and aware with space for growth and light! 
#kundalinirebirthing #yogibhajanteachings #kundaliniyoga #kundalinibluffton #kundalinihiltonhead #rebirthing #declutterthemind #yogibhajanquotes #yogibhajaneveryday #elevateyourself #cleansethemind
Instagram post 2191430196140701219_5443511929 How will you cacao? Will she inspire you to create? Meditate? Dance? Sing? Play? Teach? Lie back and gaze at the stars? Will you invite your partner to join you in a private heart opening ceremony? Or will you join a group to set an intention, release negative energy & raise your vibration? 💚💚💚
That my friends is up to you! Connecting with this magical plant medicine is a personal experience that is ever evolving. Whether you celebrate the “spirit of cacao” in your daily practice, alone on your mat, dancing with friends, or with us (@sovereign_souls_evolution ) in a group, sacred ceremony, depends on your connection to the plant and your personal calling. 💚 💚💚
I would love to tell you more about my personal experience with cacao, how & why Jes & I use her in sacred ceremony to enhance our sound healings and deepen the shamanic journey with our clients. I would be honored to share her beautiful history, usages by ancient civilizations, physiological impacts and why she is considered a female plant, “food of the gods” and her benefits as an energizing, mood enhancing, superfood! 💚💚💚
So, please, if you are interested contact me directly or take a moment to read more on My website under “cacao”. I have chosen to use @keithscacao for all of my  formal ceremonies and I sell Keith’s Cacao as a practitioner but I are happy to share my experiences with other brands as well. I just want to spread the good word and make the introduction to her heart opening, creative powers to help you raise your vibration and connection to pachamama! 💚💚💚
Upcoming Events: Cacao + Sound 
Dec 14th:  @ddybluffton 
Jan 17: @jivayogacenter. Bluffton 
Jan 18th:  @savannahyogacenter..
or contact me directly if you are drawn to ceremonial chocolate personally or you would like to organise a ceremony for your friends, partner, family, business, teachers, teacher trainers, alcohol free-events, you name it, we can cacao!Besides, it’s seems everyone could use a little heart opening and positive energy shifting in this day and age.... Let us introduce the goddess of cacao and see how she moves YOU. 
Photo Cred: @ivsphoto @keithscacao #sacredcacaoceremony
Instagram post 2190845820893683745_5443511929 I LOVE TEACHING KUNDALINI YOGA!!
#postkundaliniglow #kundalinimagic #kriyatoexperiencegod #kundaliniyoga #kundaliniyogateacher #bestjobintheworld #lovewhatyoudo #raiseyourvibration #hiltonheadkundalini #purajiva
Instagram post 2189702383268055006_5443511929 When it’s all said & done, sweet surrender.... 🙏 to everyone who joined Jes & I for a special “Harvest of Gratitude” Thanksgiving Day fusion yoga class @jivayogacenter. We loved every single moment of movement, mantra, meditation & sound.  Thank you for your beautiful presence. It mattered. 
What’s coming this week???
-Tues/Thursday Kundalini at Jiva 9:15am
-Salted Sound & Meditation at Pure Salt Studio, this Tuesday 5-6pm or 6-7pm -Friday Night Dec 6th, Sound Healing Journey at Jiva HHI -Kundalini Rebirthing Workshop  to “De-Clutter the Mind”, Jiva Bluffton, Saturday, Dec 7 2-4pm
And, Save the Date for Sovereign Souls Christmas Market On Wanderer Lane, Dec 15th, 1-5pm. Details to follow... 🔔 
#harvestofgratitude #kundaliniyoga #soundhealing @sovereign_souls_evolution @jivayogacenter #inhalewithlove #exhalewithgratitude #kundaflowyoga #kundalinifusion #sovsouls #sovereignsouls @puresaltstudios
Instagram post 2185663708355945596_5443511929 Sunrise cacao. Starting the day off right with a bow to Pachamama, inviting the divine feminine spirit, the “goddess of cacao”, to dance in my veins, to uplift and inspire. How will you cacao? 
#cacaoinspirations #elevatewithcacao #sunrisecacao #pachamama #mamagaia #howdoyoucacao #fortheloveofcacao #cacaogoddess #cacaogoddesspowered #raiseyourvibration #divinefeminine #ceremonialcacao

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